Wellspring Global Consulting Limited

International Marketplace

High net worth, global citizens build their wealth across multiple borders by establishing international connections through businesses, families, properties, and investments. While international borders no longer confine global citizens of the world today, they often create a need to sophisticated financial planning and exceptional product solutions. International products can provide unique planning solutions for the challenging issues confronting global clients.

Main client profiles

 Global Citizen with Unique Cross-Border Needs

  • Unique need for international solutions
  • Sophisticated investor seeking tax-favored growth of alternative investments
  • Worldwide traveler with ability to travel to Bermuda or other neutral jurisdiction

Corporation with Cross-Border Employees

  • Global corporation based anywhere in the world
  • Employees located in multiple countries
  • Unique need for employee corporate benefits across worldwide operations

Insurance Solution

Relevant background that determine the suitability of various international insurance solutions:

 Country Residency
 Travel Pattern
 Face Amount/Premium
 Insurance Purpose

Product Solutions

Universal Life Products (Bermuda-Based,
Cayman Island-Based)

For individuals who are not citizens or residents of the U.S. or Bermuda, or residents of Canada, Bermuda-based and Cayman Island-Based products offer U.S. dollar-denominated insurance solutions with greater flexibility and higher capacity than those products often available within the insured’s country of residence.

Accident and Health

For individuals who need to travel globally in multiple locations with great needs on accident and health coverages especially in global locations for the latter.

International Corporate Benefits

For global companies with cross-border executives, international corporate benefits allow employers to deliver quality benefits to employees across worldwide operations, aligning the benefits of domestic employees with the benefits of employees located in another country.

Combined insurance and savings vehicles

For working individuals based out of Hong Kong but required to be working from multiple locations the persistent surplus of savings and the increasing needs for retirement income solutions in an ageing population make this type of products always on demand.

Cross Border Estate & Tax Planning

We work with a network of international estate and tax planning professionals to help you confidently navigate the complex landscape of cross border taxation. International estate attorney review and monitor overseas and U.S. based assets, ensuring your wealth is protected for future generations. Meanwhile, specialized tax professionals will provide you with personalized guidance, advising you on the suitability and tax efficiency of your wealth protection decisions.