Wellspring Global Consulting Limited

Our Approach

Lifespring Global Consulting Limited focuses on serving cross-border estate and planning needs of high net-worth families in Hong Kong. Our mission is the deliver comprehensive and transparent solutions that will provide families with peace of mind by carefully addressing their financial objectives and cross-border considerations.

Coordinating one’s financial, tax and estate planning across jurisdictions requires special care and expertise. Relocating without proper preparation can result in a disjointed plan, in higher taxation, and in enhanced risk. Our firm is committed to provide holistic advise on cross-border financial, tax, and estate planning for globally-oriented international families.

Wellspring-HK leverages a Network of professionals. Over the course of two decades there is an observed need for a financial advisor adept in the areas of tax and estate planning as well as investments. Our financial advisors will review personal finances and make an assessment, create a framework, and, through needs  analysis identify appropriate services.

Strategic Partners

Lifespring Global Consulting Limited works independently but yet partner with Wellspring Consulting in Silicon Valley, California USA. Wellspring Consulting USA is a member firm with M Financial Group and it provides unique programs to serve the estate planning and wealth protection and transfer needs for global citizens. Click the following link for more detail information.